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My name is Megan Daloz

Megan Daloz has been immersed in the arts for over 20 years. Whether functioning as an independent artist, educator, student, or technician, she finds her truest sense of belonging within the studio.

Following the attainment of her bachelor's degree from Alfred University, Megan swiftly embarked on her professional journey, working and teaching in studios across various cities such as Pittsburgh, Knoxville, and Atlanta. Her roles have ranged from sign painter to glassblower, printmaker, and teacher, accumulating a wealth of skills and experiences along the way. Regardless of the task at hand, her affinity for clay remains constant.

Now settled in Cleveland, Megan focuses on her personal studio practice, crafting distinctive handmade ceramics that imbue any living space with a unique charm and serve as a source of joy in everyday use.

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